Do you need training to be a medical transcriptionist?

transcriptionist, medical transcription, transcription philippinesLet’s elaborate this with another question, “Will transcription company employ you if you don’t have a training?” Actually, if you search for transcription job openings you’ll find out that some transcription company even require that you have experience working as a transcriptionist or have undergone on-the-job training. There are a lot transcription jobs available in the Philippines, you can try googling them up using the search query “transcription jobs Philippines.” I even saw a job ad that said they will not entertain applicants with no transcription training.

Transcription is a promising career but is also a skill-dependent job. It is not enough that you have mastered medical terminologies for medical transcription or legal terminologies for legal transcription. You have to improve your typing skills, listening skills, research skills and become familiar with transcription software tool that will help you become efficient and productive. Your salary or income basically relies on your production output and quality. A transcriptionist that is able to transcribe more audio files with very high accuracy will earn more. An expert transcriptionist can even be promoted to transcription editor, to transcription supervisor or transcription company manager. A good grasp of the transcription industry can also open an opportunity for you to start your own transcription company.

To succeed as a medical transcriptionist, you need to invest by enrolling in a transcription school. In the Philippines, training fees ranges from Php20,000 to Php30,000. There are center-based training or online-based you can opt to enroll. Training duration normally takes (4) to (6) months; including on-the-job trainings.

Enrolling in a transcription training school also helps you find a job. Transcription schools maintains networking with other transcriptionist and transcription companies. Job networking is an excellent way to finding a job. Build more network so you can explore more job opportunities.

Is training enough? Your transcription training is a very big help but your dedication to work and enthusiasm to learn more will drive you to succeed in the transcription industry whether in medical transcription, legal transcription, office transcription or other general transcription jobs.


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