how to use phone digital transcription software

medical transcription, transcription, transcription philippinesGood morning Transcriptionist! Here’s another post contribution to transcription practitioners.

Digital phone transcriptions software or sometimes called audio transcription player software helps the typist or transcriptionist to convert mp3 or wav file audio recordings into electronic document. Transcriptionists listen to audio files while transcribing using text tools like Microsoft Word.

To learn how it works, try it on a free software from NCH. Here are some tips to get you started.


1. Download the free software from NCH website. Check OS compatibility first for Windows or Mac before downloading.

2. Install the software in your local PC or laptop.

3. To experience actual transcription work, you need to install a foot pedal to control the playback and rewind of the audio file. If you don’t have foot pedal, you can control the playback using keyboard function keys.

4. Transcription involves good listening skills so it would help if you use high quality headset. There are noise-cancelling headset you can try but are relatively expensive. For practice, just use regular headsets.

5. If you don’t have actual transcription audio file to use for practice, you can use mp3 music or video clips from your favorite movie. There is a free software called Audio Extractor you can easily download to extract just the audio from movie clips. Where can you get movie clips? Youtube.

6. Run the audio player software, open/drag your audio file to the player list window. Start the playback. Listen to the audio file while you check on the play, pause, fast forward, and rewind button. Familiarize yourself with this button.

7. Open a text tool like Microsoft Word and start transcribing while listening to the audio files. Transcription is skill dependent; you become more productive with practice and when you use the proper techniques.

8. Improve your typing skills.  Buy typing software or enroll in a transcription training center. Transcription training helps you improve your typing skills and will teach you ways to become efficient transcriptionist.



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