I am a Filipino Nurse, how can medical transcription training help my career?

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Accredited nursing schools in the Philippines aim to prepare their graduates to become competitive in finding work in the Philippines or abroad. Working abroad is the main reason. There is the high pay. The health care industry forecast a still higher demand for nurses but you also have to consider the rising competition. More and more Filipinos, male and female, are taking up nursing courses hoping to land a high-paying job abroad. It is high time to be more competitive. Let’s explore the advantages of a nurse that took up a medical transcription training.

Medical Transcription Training Advantages

1. Improve typing skills

Transcription training can help you achieve more than 80 words per minute typing speed. Now that’s being productive there. Expect that when you work abroad, you will be working more on electronic document and computer software. An excellent typing speed is impressive; makes you work like a pro.

2. Mastery of Medical Terminologies

Medical transcription involves familiarizing various medical terms. Medical naming-convention and entomology are taught. The training will reinforce your existing medical vocabularies and how they are used in common diagnostic or medical report procedures. Frequent exposure to medical terminologies improves retention of these important terms, and will come in handy when the doctors challenge you with medical trivia.

3. Exposure to Transcription Softwares

You will learn the various transcription software that may help you even in non-medical transcription work. You can listen to medical audio ebooks using the audio transcription software. A handy software in your nursing review.

4. Additional Income

While taking up nursing course, you can work part-time as a medical transcriptionist. There are home-based medical transcription jobs that are based on production output. Earning that extra money is not bad as long as it doesn’t interfere with your studies. If you are working as a nurse abroad, part-time work as a medical transcriptionist will put more money in the table. Double compensation is almost always positive as long as it doesn’t affect your day job.

5. Impress your employer with your improved resume

Medical transcription is another bullet to your resume. Your future employer will certainly consider the tremendous benefit of hiring you with the transcription skill you’ve earned. It reflects a good work ethics since you manage to get additional training while finishing your nursing school.

6. Tech Savvy

Medical transcription training also teaches research skills using the Internet. The Internet is an ocean of useful information. Harness the Internet and it will surely give you an edge. Everything is going Digital and the Internet is the new arena of competition. It is high time you expose yourself to the rewards of becoming an Internet tech savvy.

7. Plan B – career contingency plan

It’s a tough industry. If after some time you realize nursing job is not working well with your life goals, there is another trade you can venture – becoming a medical transcriptionist. A lot of people have made medical transcription not just a career but a profession. There are opportunities for professional growth. Transcription industry is booming and will surely open new doors for you to earn and secure a steady job.

I can’t think of any disadvantage in taking medical transcription training besides additional expense with the training fee. Actually, I can’t call it a disadvantage. Training fees are investment and not a waste of money. Learning new knowledge, skills and trade always give beneficial advantages.


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