Survey questions for Filipino medical transcriptionist

medical transcriptionistThe recent post “I am a Filipino Nurse, how can medical transcription training help my career?” was tweeted (3) times today. The first tweets of a blog at infancy stage. Such small gestures would drive you to keep on writing. It’s the only post tweeted so far so I was a bit curious how is it different from the rest of my blog posts. The number of tweets is not so significant ( and besides, it’s just an ODOB – one day old blog) but I can’t help wonder what made it tweetable. I’m starting to analyze blogs like the way a blogger should; I guess.

Early today, I was reading a guest blog at Problogger about the fear of bloggers. In it, a blogger admitted that he once stopped blogging because of fear. The fear of rejection. Fear that ideas written are not worthy of the reader’s attention. I’m not sure if I share the same problem with Jamie Harrop. Unlike Jaime, I don’t have 9 years of blogging. I’m just starting. The problem is how to organize my thoughts to come up with a good article. Having good ideas is one thing, putting them into writing is a different thing. It needs consistency. I don’t think I’m consistent right now. This is the second paragraph but what’s written so far has nothing to do with survey questions. But as a budding blogger I’ll give myself  a slack and that 3 tweets a tap on my back. I plan to write and here’s my plan.

I want to interview Filipino transcriptionists that I know of, not personally, but through common friends and colleagues. I’m preparing survey questions that might capture interesting facts about the daily routine, sentiments and work habits of Filipino transcriptionists.  Hopefully it would result to an interesting blog post and be worthy of the reader’s attention. Worthy of 3 tweets.

I have listed several questions, not in specific order, just plain listing of every questions that crossed my mind. If you have survey questions in mind, please don’t hesitate to comment. I surely appreciate all the help. Here’s the draft.

Survey questions

  1. How long have you been working as a transcriptionist?
  2. Do you enjoy your work?
  3. Is your job difficult? What are the things you did to learn the job?
  4. What are the things you think you need to learn more to improve your work?
  5.  Can you describe your daily routine?
  6.  How does working as a transcriptionist help your family?
  7. Did you meet new friends working as a transcriptionist?
  8. Is there  office politics among transcriptionist?
  9. How much do you earn working as a transcriptionist?
  10. Which would you prefer, office or home-based transcription work?
  11. What are the audio transcription software you normally use?
  12. Do you have suggestions on how to further improve this software?
  13. Foot pedal or keyboard function keys?
  14. What do you think is the future of medical transcription?

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